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SpiderCuff  is a true revolution in Type 3 restraints – and we want to work with you to make this available to those who you train.

We are working to provide you with a “Turn-Key” training program for you to use with those you train.

For those of you who are independent trainers, we offer special arrangements for you to Certified SpiderCuff  Transition Training into your training curriculum or as a stand-alone course.

If you recognize the opportunity SpiderCuff  presents as it goes through its introduction process –  to eventually become the “Go To” cuff in lieu of traditional handcuffs, then we want to support you in your training enterprise. Please contact, us to learn more.

All Certified SpiderCuff  Transition Training is being led by Team One Network, closely coordinated with SpiderCuff  USA, LLC.

SpiderCuff  Certification Training Program has been designed for trainers who are qualified in defensive tactics and restraint, so they can train Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, Security, and others, to become SpiderCuff  Trainers through the Train-the-Trainer Program.

If you feel you are qualified for this, member of ILEETA, please contact us below at

Special incentive for trainers who become SpiderCuff  Certified Trainers. Looking ahead we can say we have more important innovation to introduce in the near future. Establishing a strong and abiding relationship with Professional Law Enforcement trainers is a cornerstone of our business. Please reach out to us at any time with anything that you feel should be shared about our products – or if you have an idea or two of your own that you believe could help to make the life and duty of Law Enforcement Officers safer or better.

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