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About SpiderCuff

SpiderCuff was founded to address the need for 21st century handcuffs.

Handcuff technology has been stagnant for over 100 years, while expectations for less forceful and safer policing have dramatically increased over that time period. SpiderCuff technologies bridge that gap, providing truly innovative technology to improve officer safety with restraints that are safer and less forceful to utilize.

Through consultation with numerous law enforcement experts, SpiderCuff has developed handcuff models that incorporate many new design improvements

  • Automatic Double Lock – by automating the currently manual double lock, overly tight application of handcuffs is prevented. This process also removes human error instances of forgetting to engage the manual double lock. Our ADL technology is incorporated into every handcuff we sell.
  • Dynamic Extension – extendable handcuffs (up to 14”) that allow faster cuffing. This technology Stops the Struggle by getting non-compliant individuals restrained faster, providing greater safety for the officer and detainee.
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip – with its asymmetrical design, SpiderCuff offer the flexible movement of a chain handcuff with the grip and control of a hinged handcuff.

SpiderCuff is dedicated to providing Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, Campus Police, Private Security, and others with innovative, superior restraints that improve safety for all involved.

For all those who serve to protect us, our mission is to make your mission safer, easier, and more humane.

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