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Model 01
The Ultimate 21st Century Handcuff

Our Model 01 provides superior functionality versus all existing handcuffs, resulting in greater officer safety during deployment and less force utilized on detainees. After 100+ years of virtually no innovation in restraints, there is finally a restraint to meet the increased demands on officers and force reduction demanded by the public.

Model 01‘s fourteen-inch extension capability provides greater tactical advantages while restraining non-compliant individuals. It allows the second cuff to be applied while the wrists are still over a foot apart, thus “Stopping the Struggle” sooner. This ease and efficiency during the restraining process removes officers from danger sooner and reduces the chances of further escalation of force.

The extension cord on the Model 01 is a Kevlar® like material with 1,000 pounds of strength. This cord is 1/5 the weight of steel, non-corrosive and provides more tactical flexibility than chain link or hinged handcuffs. The extension cord also accommodates larger individuals without having to get a second pair of handcuffs to double cuff them.

The dynamic range of deployment of the Model 01 can be used advantageously in any cuffing scenario, from high resistance to complete compliance. Despite the high range of deployment, the ergonomic pistol grip provides control elements similar to a hinged handcuff.

The incorporation of SpiderCuff’s  patented Automatic Double Lock (ADL) technology further improves public safety. By automating this currently manual safety feature, the ADL prevents cuffs from being applied too tightly and from tightening further afterwards…without any actions required by the officer! This feature will reduce handcuff neuropathy and the resultant litigation that commonly occurs.

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