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Model 01
The Ultimate 21st Century Handcuff

SpiderCuff handcuffs are the only handcuffs that automate safety, providing physical safety to detainees and increased liability protection for officers. Our patented Automatic Double Lock (ADL) prevents overly tight initial application and prevents tightening after application… automatically.

In addition to the ADL, the Model 01 provides additional officer safety and force reduction versus standard handcuffs

The Model 01 can be extended up to 14 inches, allowing for the second arm to be cuffed while over afoot apart, thus “Stopping the Struggle” faster and safer for all. Additional benefits of our patented extension technology include:

  • Increases Officer safety while reducing force applied to detainee
  • Can be deployed as a chain handcuff or in extension mode at officer’s discretion
  • Extension capability provides tactical advantages while restraining non-compliant individuals
  • After extending for cuff application, the restraints ratchet back to a chain cuff configuration
  • Reduces force on detainees’ shoulders when deployed in the extended position by 49%
  • Allows for easier deployment in a range of positions, such as seated, prone, etc.
  • Eliminates need for double cuffing larger individuals
  • Cord provides 1,000 pounds of strength, twice that required by National Institute of Justice

Beyond the benefits of the extension technology, the Model 01 has additional features over standard handcuffs:

  • Anodized Aluminum external construction and corrosion resistant internals
  • Prolonged life in wet and marine environments
  • Pistol Grip which allows control similar to a hinged handcuff
  • Ergonomic grip with rounded edges
  • Wider Bail (also called Bow, Ratchet, or Single Strand) is up to 63% wider than other handcuffs. This spreads force over a greater area, thereby providing greater comfort for the detainee
  • Finger activated “double lock”. Since SpiderCuff automates the double lock process, this now becomes a manual “triple” lock and acts as an anti-pick deterrence.
  • Utilizes standard key

The Model 01 combines the benefits of SpiderCuff’s automated double locking technology with safer deployment. The ease and efficiency during the restraining process removes officers from danger sooner and reduces the chance of further escalation of force.

To learn more about our Model 01 handcuff, contact SpiderCuff  Customer Service click here

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