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Model 10
Only SpiderCuff’s handcuffs automate safety!

SpiderCuff handcuffs are the only handcuffs that automate safety, providing physical safety to detainees and increased liability protection for officers. Our patented Automatic Double Lock (ADL) prevents overly tight initial application and prevents tightening after application…automatically. Our Model 10 is a traditional chain style handcuff which features the ADL Technology. Additional features included to complete the modernization of the standard handcuff are:

  • Anodized Aluminum external construction and corrosion resistant internals
  • Prolonged life in wet and marine environments
  • Up to 20% lighter than standard steel handcuffs
  • Pistol Grip which allows control similar to a hinged hand cuff
  • Ergonomic grip with rounded edges
  • Wider Bail (also called Bow, Ratchet, or Single Strand) is up to 63% wider than other handcuffs. This spreads force over a greater area, thereby providing greater comfort for the detainee
  • Finger activated “double lock”. Since SpiderCuff automates the double lock process, this now becomes a manual “triple” lock and acts as an anti-pick deterrence.
  • Utilizes standard key

The Model 10 is designed for those wanting an improved, lighter weight unit that combines the flexibility of a chain handcuff with the control of a hinged cuff.

To learn more about our Model 10 handcuff, contact SpiderCuff  Customer Service click here

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