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Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement faces unique tactical challenges. SpiderCuff  was conceived to increase the safety and reduce the stress of Law Enforcement Officers when deploying restraints. Everyone who has used SpiderCuff  has said, “It is faster, easier, helps stop the struggle.


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SpiderCuff  is designed to make the life of a Corrections Officer easier and safer. By extending the range of deployment of a Type 3 restraint, it will be easier to place a restraint on an arm or leg. Reducing effort, speeding up the process… helps stop the struggle!

Less of an altercation means fewer injuries – for everyone involved. Truly a win – win!



We will be able to provide you with a “Turn-Key” training program for you to use with those you train.

For those of you who are independent trainers, we offer special arrangements for you to integrate Certified SpiderCuff  Transition Training into your training curriculum or as a stand-alone course.

Reducing stress, simplifying processes and generally making the restraint process easier for everyone provides measurable value for all involved – officers and people in crisis.

About SpiderCuff

SpiderCuff was founded to address the need for 21st century handcuffs.

Handcuff technology has been stagnant for over 100 years, while expectations for less forceful and safer policing have dramatically increased over that time period. SpiderCuff technologies bridge that gap, providing truly innovative technology to improve officer safety with restraints that are safer and less forceful to utilize.

SpiderCuff USA

SpiderCuff  USA was developed with the goal of reducing stress and providing Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, and Security services with innovative and superior NIJ restraints.

* * * [Now in Final Testing and Evaluation (T+E)] * * *

16Jan 22
Police Magazine Giveaway

SpiderCuff recently participated in Police Magazine’s Holiday Giveaway contest.

Please join us in congratulating Captain Anthony Ferrara of the Gainesville Florida Police Department as winner of our Model 20 Handcuff. Captain Ferrara was selected by random draw out of the 306 entries received.

Thank you to all who participated, thank you for your interest in our products!

We hope everyone has a Safe and Healthy year!

11Nov 21
Standard ADL in action!

Click the link below to see the benefits of the 21st Century Handcuff’s Automatic Double Lock (ADL) in action! This feature is standard in every SpiderCuff handcuff.

11Nov 21
Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Exhibit Show

SpiderCuff will be joining the Chiefs of Police in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police. Come visit us at Booth 402 and experience the performance of our Automatic Double Lock handcuffs firsthand!

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