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SpiderCuff  is designed to make the life of a Corrections Officer easier and safer.

By extending the range of deployment of a Type 3 restraint, it will be easier to deploy, thus reducing effort, speeding up the process . . . helps stop the struggle!

Less of an altercation means fewer injuries – for everyone involved. Truly a win – win!

SpiderCuff  will come in various size models.

TRANSPORT: Use of SpiderCuff during transport has been judged by some to be a practical application of how its technology can make prisoner oversight an easier process.

AMERICAN DISABILITES ACT: The ADA imposes increased responsibility by heightening the requirements and duty of those responsible for those with disabilities. SpiderCuff  can contribute to accommodating the needs and safety of the disabled, while still maintaining security for the safety of officers discharging their duties.

By providing a range of deployment, SpiderCuff  provides officers with increased flexibility when responding to circumstances and physiology that cannot be readily or easily accommodated with traditional handcuffs offering a single point of deployment.

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