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Automatic Double Lock Technology (ADL)
Only SpiderCuff’s handcuffs automate safety!

Handcuff neuropathy, nerve damage caused by overly tight handcuffs, has been around as long as handcuffs. It has impacted detainees with injuries and Agencies with litigation, as well as damaging Law Enforcement’s reputation in the community.

The root cause of this injury is that there has not been a handcuff designed to prevent overly tight application. Current handcuffs rely on decades old technology that requires manually locking the cuffs from further tightening after application. This process does not prevent initial tight application and leaves the process open to human error

SpiderCuff has solved this problem with our patented Automated Double Lock. SpiderCuff’s ADL is a mechanical locking device that is activated by the pressure of the cuff being applied to the wrist. With just minimal pressure, the device is activated, physically locking against special reverse facing teeth to prevent further movement as seen in the illustrations below

SpiderCuff’s Bail (also called Bow, Ratchet, or Single Strand) is up to 63% wider than other handcuffs. Not only does this provide the room required for the ADL components, the wider bail spreads force over a greater area, thereby providing greater comfort for the detainee while reducing the chance of injury

Benefits of SpiderCuff’s ADL Technology

  • Automates the currently manual Double Lock process
  • Eliminates Human error on handcuff application
  • Eliminates Human error on forgetting to engage the double lock
  • Wider bail provides more comfort to detainee while distributing force over a greater area
  • Reduced handcuff neuropathy litigation when deployed with proper procedures

The ADL technology is incorporated into every handcuff that SpiderCuff sells. We firmly believe it is a safer and more humane restraint that meets the increased demands law enforcement faces today.

Our handcuffs are the only handcuffs that automate safety. Check out our product portfolio to find a Model that works best for you.

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