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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement faces unique tactical challenges.

SpiderCuff  was conceived to increase the safety and reduce the stress of Law Enforcement Officers when deploying restraints.

Everyone who has used SpiderCuff  have said, “It is faster, easier, helps stop the fight.”

See SpiderCuff  in action.
SpiderCuff  Transition Training is recommended. Your protocol will prevail. See our Training Section.

The new and enhanced features of SpiderCuff  provide Law Enforcement Officers (LEOS) with new options and techniques and potentially safer methods to apply handcuffs (NIJ Type 3 Restraints).

  • The ability to handcuff at any distance up to – 14 inches
  • Easy to use finger actuated secondary lock – no key required

Our research comparing Traditional Cuffs with these Dynamic Cuffs has revealed that
Law Enforcement experiences:

  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Range of Deployment
  • Greater Ease of Use
  • Increased Speed of Deployment
  • Reduced Complication
  • Diminished Confrontation
  • Reduced Stress
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